The Trustees

The committee or trustees are made of up elected individuals, nominated members of user groups and co-opted members.

Elected Officers: 

Chairperson:                                   Peter Price-Thomas

Vice Chair:                                                     Jen Ryan

Secretary:                                     Ben Jennison-Phillips

Treasurer:                                     Howard Samuels

Booking Secretary:                                        Bev Osborne

Maintenance Co-ordinator:                   Kevin Gowing  


Wine Club:
                                                     Christine Godsell

History Society:           
                            Howard Samuels

Gardening Club:        
                                 Mary Manders-Trett 

W.I. :      
                                                 Sue Freeman

Scouts:                                                     Ben Jennison-Phillips

Brownies:                                                    Kim Rhodes

Rainbows                                       Kim Rhodes 

                                          Margaret Everitt

Coffee Mornings:                                          Christine Godsell                                   


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